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Here are some other online resources which may be of interest to you.

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1 Nazarene District Camp Directory
Many Church of the Nazarene districts have a camp meeting. Here is a link to the directory of Nazarene district offices. Once at a given district's website, you can often find information about the camp the district sponsors.
2 Camp Meetings on
Here is a listing of camp meetings related to the conservative holiness movement.
Here is another listing of camp meeting resources that may be of interest to you.
4 Classic Holiness Sermons Online
Online, downloadable sermon audios from classic holiness preachers
5 Holiness Legacy
The Holiness Legacy Initiative is a strategic partnership bringing together denominations that share a historic commitment to spread the message of scriptural holiness. Realizing the serious need to teach and preach Christian holiness, leaders of several denominations launched the Holiness Legacy Initiative.